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Monsoon Styling Tip's . Do's and Dont's.

Monsoon may sound romantic in movies and books ,but in reality it is divergent.

         Monsoon is here so it becomes difficult to style your I am gonna share few monsoon styling hacks.

HACK NO 1: Avoid wearing white clothes as it becomes transparent and gets stained. choose bright colours or floral prints, because bright colours not only add a perky look but also elevates your mood .

HACK NO 2: GO SHORT I know we all love wearing denims,but when denim get wet they become heavy and smelly.So say bye to heavy fabrics and long hemlines ,as they are hard to maintain. Instead switch on to short clothes as shorter clothing is easy to maintain and also it keeps our clothes away from getting stained.

HACK NO 3: Say no to tight fitted clothes . As they stick to your body when its humid. Opt for shift dresses or umbrella dresses,because they are easy to carry even in heavy rains and yet looks stylish. You can add some statement jewellery to get a quirky look.

HACK NO 4: Wear light and quick dr…