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Relive In Lapse of Nature At Forest Club Resort - Karjat

Looking for a perfect getaway with family/friends ?? 
If yes then your search ends here .....

Welcome To The Forest Club Resort .
The Forest Club Resort is built with a unique ethnic design that blends beautifully with the scenic surrounding of Karjat. The Forest Club Resort is located only an hour and a half from Mumbai. It offers a memorable stay with unmatched hospitality. Mountain Trail Resort is a heaven of peace and tranquility with 10 Premium Rooms, 20 Deluxe Rooms and 14 Executive Pool access well-furnished rooms set in a landscaped garden. The spacious bedroom with the added luxury of a separate sitting/dining room,Their bedrooms offer huge comfy beds, bright spacious bathrooms and room with a view. They also provide television, fridge, hair dryer and walk out balcony
The Forest Club Resort is a perfect place  for weddings, corporate events or any sort of functions, it can accommodate more than 200 people at a time. It is also well equipped with facilities like ; Free Internet Fac…
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Hi Guys 
How are you all ??

I hope you all fine and enjoying the monsoon.

I am back again with yet another blog post, but this time its all about a product which is well known in the market since ages among weight gaining supplement 

If you ask people what their fitness goals are, they will most likely respond with “weight loss” as an answer. You may also encounter some people who are actually struggling to gain weight. From skinny adolescents to athletes who want to develop muscles to optimize their performance, a lot of people want to gain weight the right way. If you are suffering from the problem of underweight and want to gain some extra pounds on your body then Endura mass Weight Gain powders are the perfect choice for you. It helps to increase weight in synergistically manner and helps to increase the overall health of the person.
Endura Mass is India’s most popular ‘weight gain’ product, manufactured by Endura Labs Limited and sold since 2001. It is a dietary supplement that is popu…

STAY STYLISH IN BUDGET WITH : Crossloop & Ralp Pierre.

Hello Beautiful People
How are you all ??
I hope you all are having an amazing time .

We all love to stay stylish / trendy, don't we ??
Yes we all love to stay in style always
I definitely love to be in style.
So   my constant search for quirky and trendy accessories  made me found these two brands

1. Crossloop
2. Ralp Pierre

Firstly I would like to  discuss about Crossloop
Crossloop has a huge range of designer earphones, comes in  vast range of colors to choose from .
What I like the most about this brand is, the quality they provide .
I have been using their earphone since a long time now, and I am having an amazing experience .

Listening to music is one of the most practiced habit among people of all age group. Isn't it ??
So switch to @crossloop and take your experience of listening to music at next level.
And trust me when I say this , the quality is really good, it has an extra cover on it to protect it from any breakage, plus the price it comes for is totally a steal.

The Power Of Soy Protein

Hii Guys
Wassup  I hope you all are doing great
Today I am going to talk about Soy Protein  I was fortunate that I got an opportunity to be part of an informative session which was organized by DuPont. 
DuPont Nutrition & Health has supported  years of research and development to establish soy protein as a safe and effective alternative to diary proteins for meeting dietary protein requirements
Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues, protein is also used to make enzymes,hormones and  other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles,cartilage,skin and blood.
You don't have to commit to being a Vegan,vegetarian or even flexitarian to add more plant -meals. Vegetable protein can play an important role in the diet at all stages of life, serving as lean sources of high quality protein.Soy is more than just a protein Its a superior plant based protein on the basis of its protein quality and proven health benefits.Soy protein is a high -quali…


Shaadi On Budget.... In Collaboration with Rajkumari Fashions

Hii Guysss I am super excited for this blog post and you know why??? It is because this time I have come up with a really unique concept and do you wanna know what it is ??? Yes, You guessed it right  Its Shaadi on budget, yes you heard it right...
As you know I am huge sucker for finding out things on budget, so this time I decided to find out one such destination where you can actually find everything on budget...
Are you getting the pre-wedding jitters? Worries that your wedding trousseau will not be like you had envisioned? Mumbai's Bridal Couture destination is here to put a rest to all worries. Presenting RAJKUMARI by Richa Haware located in the heart of Navi Mumbai. Rajkumari is renowned for it's pret and bespoke couture in traditional and fusion wear in Mumbai. Richa, the CEO has created a haven of luxurious Indian heritage ensembles at inimitable prices.
Inside #RajkumariFlagshipStore, there exists a world …


Hey guys
How are you all ??
I hope you guys are doing well.

So I was fortunate to be part of a  Bloggers meet which  was organized by Dupont DUPONT is a brand which deals with Nutrition and Health, it is a Global leader in the food & beverage,dietary supplements and Pharma excipients segments.

So by now you people might have guessed the topic of this blog post.
Today I am gonna discuss all about PROBIOTICS

What is Probiotics ????

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that promote a healthy gut. In fact, according to the food and Agricultural Organization, the World Health Association defines Probiotics as, live Micro-Organisms which when administered in adequate amount , confers a health benefit to the host.

As a natural way to establish and maintain the proper balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system, probiotics have been developed. Probiotics can be added to food or taken as a supplement to help you maintain proper digestive health, keep your immune system strong and have be…

Avoid Early Greying of Hair with TRUE ROOTS #faceitsolveit

                           True Roots #faceitsolveit

Spotting that first strand of grey hair is really not a sight we all want to have. From experimenting with many styles to flaunt our healthy and ever-so-good hair, we find ourselves trying to hide those few greys. While we don’t mind carrying that uber-cool salt-and-pepper look sometimes, but that’s not the every-day look we want to have, right? That one single silver strand can be intimidating sometimes, as it opens up a new chapter telling us that our greying-phase is about to begin. And in all of this frenzy, we have so many unanswered questions- Will they go away with time? Or will they increase beyond my control? Is it in my genes? Or is my lack of work-life balance the cause? Natural Reasons for greying
Greying of hair is natural with age, but when hair starts greying early we often wonder why? Thankfully science has the answer and now Marico’s True Roots offers a solution to delay hair greying from the roots. Greying of hair …